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Increase your DSL modem speed by upto 50%

This is a Simple Trick to Basically increase your DSL modem internet speed. I have even attached proofs of the increase in the speed.!!! Many people think that the Internet speed cannot be improved with softwares, but here is a software which could prove them wrong..!!!!

Tool needed:

DSL Speed 4.6 (Cracked version): mediafire
DSL Speed 6.6 (Latest Version but not Cracked): mediafire


Check your DSL Internet speed at http://www.speedtest.net

note down the ping and download speed.

1. Install the DSL-Speed 4.6 and apply the key.
2. Go to Advanced Optimize in the left sidebar.
3. Click edit, in Online Best MTU verify.
4. edit any one of the proxy to http://www.google.com, and press OK.
5. Select the http://www.google.com in the verify site, and press start.
6. After it has detected the Best MTU, press the PROCESS button below.
7. reboot (restart)

Now, check ur internet speed at the same site given above.

DONE !!!! Your internet speed should be increased upto 50%.

if ur not satisfied with the results.. then try installing the latest DSL-speed 6.6 and do a normal optimize.!!!
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