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How to Add Facebook Follow Button on Blogger

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Facebook Follow Button helps you increase your audience and share your feelings with them. Thus your followers could understand you. When you have 5000 Facebook Friends, you are unable then to add any other friend. It means that you can have only 5000 friends. But Followers could be millions in number. There is no limit to get followers on Facebook. You followers could see whatever you share or your update your status but you cannot see their activities. However, if you have a great number of followers, you can then have a great number of visitors from Facebook.

  • Adding Facebook Followers Button on Blogger

Like Adding Facebook Like Box, same is the procedure of adding Share Button on Blogger. However, there is a very tiny difference in them. For adding Facebook Follow Button, follow the statements below:
Facebook Follow Button on Blogger

  • Add your Facebook URL.
  • Now click on “Get the Code”
  • The following Box appears.
Facebook Follow Button

  • Copy Code-1 which is shown in the above screenshot.
  • Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
  • Find:


  • Right after <body> tag, paste code-1.
  • Save your template.
  • Then copy Code-2 and place it on your blog layout where you want it to appear.
  • Save arrangements.
  • You are done successfully.
I hope that it will gladden you. Peace Up!

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