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How To Increase PC Speed

If your pc working slow ten follow my instructions and speed up your pc. These are the tricks thats you ignored by using a computer

01. Uninstall unwanted applications

If you installed more software's in your computer actually it's getting slow. so if have unwanted programs in your list uninstall all ofthem. To do it follow below steps.
• In Windows XP, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs
• In Windows 7 and Vista, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features
• In Windows 8 go to Settings -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features

02. Remove junk files

You don't even have to click a "Save" button once while using your computer to accumulate junk files. Simply checking emails, setting your computer to hibernate or surfingthe web will build up junk files on your computer. You can remove your PC junk files using Windows inbuilt "Disk Cleanup" utility.
• In Windows XP, Vista and 7 go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup

• In Windows 8 Press Win+R and type Cleanmgr.exe on run. now press Enter

03. Disabling auto-start applications

Many programs will set themselves to auto-start when you boot your computer, even though you might only use them once a month. These background applications can take up a lot of RAM and they make your PC toslow. That's why disabling the auto-start option for programs you don’t need can do a lot to speed up your computer. Follow this steps to stop unwanted startup programmes.
• In Windows XP go to Start -> Run -> and type msconfig on run -> go to Startup tab. now you can uncheck unwanted startup programmes.
• In Windows Vista and 7 simply type msconfig in the search box in the Start menu
• In Windows 8 Press Win+R and type msconfig on run

04. Repair and defragment the registry

It is possible to repair registry errors yourself if you are a very experienced computer user or have a know the exact origin of your problem and step-by-step instructions to fix it. But many computer users can't repair registry errors themselves. So you can downloadthird party software to do it. PC Tools Registry Mechanic is one of the best registry repair software.
05. Removing malware
Malware can also slow down your computer, running in the background and taking up system resources. To speed up your computer, install a good anti-malware product and set it to auto-update and run scheduled scans. There have many softwares to do it. I'm recommend Malwarebytes Anti-malware to do it.
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