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Top List Do-Follow High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Top List Do-Follow High PR Social Bookmarking Sites
Social Bookmarking Sites are really helpful to generate High PR backlinks in short time. This is one of the admitted factors of Off-Page SEO. Therefore, practicing Social Media must not be ignored. If you ignore this factor, you can lose grounds as I have mentioned in Off-Page SEO factors. I personally practice social bookmarking. Remember that social media is growing day after day and its importance can give you great advantages.

List of High PR Social Media Sites

Note: This list is enlisted on August 11, 2013 and any site of them could loss or improve its worth with time to time. So do not mind us if any one of them does not work properly.
1. Pinterest.com
2. Reddit.com
3. StumbleUpon.com
4. Digg.com
5. Delicious.com
6. Slashdot.org
7. Technorati.com
8. Connotea.org
9. Squidoo.com
10. Diigo.com
11. blurpalicious.com
12. blogengage.com
13. bookmarkingdemon.com
14. moolets.com
15. kwzz.com
16. bestofindya.com
17. votetags.info
18. kannikar.com
19. socialwebmarks.com
20. eggig.com
21. ewebmarks.com
22. kojaxx.com
23. social-bookmarking-site.com
24. www.blogregator.net
25. imcurtain.com
26. oyax.com
27. spurl.net

Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO

SEO appreciates Social Bookmarking because it has many advantages.
  • First: Social Bookmarking gives you backlinks which is very important for every site. 
  • Second: Social Media (Bookmarking) gives you reasonable traffic. SEO is all about attracting traffic. When you are able to gain traffic, your SEO is successful. Thus, Social Bookmarking helps your site.
  • Third: If you share unique contents on Social Media, people will start liking you. Thus you will become famous and your site will be popular as well. 

These three advantages are of extreme importance. But do not waste your time for this purpose. Make a good profile and declare some time for social media. You Main goals are toMaintain On-Page SEO Factors first. Give great time to article writing and other factors of on-page SEO.

Google about Social Bookmarking 

Google has not directly forbidden webmasters from practicing Social Bookmarking for Backlinks. This is a key factor for getting backlinks. Google must not stop this activity. However, some webmasters have reported that Google now does not pay importance to social bookmarking. But if it is being used in wrong direction then Google must direct the social bookmarking sites’ owners. And by the way, Google is not the entire internet. Perform it well but spamming should not be done.

How to Do Social Bookmarking Easily for High PR

Social Bookmarking is almost easy. If you are handling more than 20 or 25 sites, you must specify a special e-mail account. Use a same e-mail account and user name in every site. Keep the same password if possible. Make a file in notepad in order to have all these things in your notice. Try to remain logged in every time you visit to the registered sites. Always pay attention to make a good Post title while sharing links. Thus, you can easily gain benefits from  Social Bookmarking.
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