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From blogging newbie to a pro blogger - Publicize your blog

You are all done now with a number of fans and you started getting many views for your blog. It is said that over 50% of the traffic to the blog come from various search engines. Here are few tips to develop back links and get popular on search engine. 

Submit blog to all blog searches 

Generally web spiders crawl on the web and will find the content of your site. But this may be a long process and will take around 2 months. Rather there will be a place for all search engines where you can manually add the URL to be added to the site search. I have compiled a list of blog search engines where you can submit the URL of your blog. Other than this, there may be also lots of regional search engines in which you can register. 

Participate in blogging competition and blogging forums of your kind 

There are various blogging competitions conducted over the internet, in which you can participate. The main motto of all these competitions is to gather followers and page views. A common topic will be declared and within a particular time limit you should write on that topic and should post on your blog and you should leave your backlink there. Other bloggers will also write on the same topic and will put their links. From the back links that you have posted, many people will come and visit your blog and if they liked your content, they may start following your blog. 

Forums are places where a discussion will take place and you can also participate and talk about the topic. Find forums regarding your blog and post a relative reply and leave a link there so that other people coming to that forum will also look at your reply and blog. 

Add e mail signature 

Due to advent of online chat on social networks, sending casual e mails have decreased a lot. But still this is a proven method. Below your name on your e mail, add links to your blog, facebook fan page and twitter page. So that when you send mail to unknown people, they may come to know about you from the links on the footer of your e mail. 

Put link on your other blogs, your friend’s blogs 

If the number of back links increases for your blog, you may have a higher page rank on google. So to get pagerank more than 3, you need to have around 1000 back links across the web genuinely. I say genuinely because, if you use traffic exchange services, it may decrease the quality of your links. So put your links where it will have maximum visibility and notability and people will click on your link because they want to view your content. 

Best recommended for this is that you put the link of your blog on your other blogs, your facebook and twitter pages on URL sections, if you have friends from blogging community, request them to put your backlinks on their blog.
- See more at: http://www.coreblogging.in/2012/08/lesson-6-from-blogging-newbie-to-pro.html#sthash.VMYhtVBE.dpuf
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