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Facebook is hiding your messages in a ‘secret’ inbox, here is how to read them 2016 Sufyan Hacker

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Here’s how you can read your ‘secret’ Facebook messages

Did you know there is a “secret” Facebook Messenger inbox that stores messages that you probably didn’t know existed and may contain certain important messages you would like to read, but had no idea you had received it.
It turns out you don’t always get a notification to alert when messages arrive from people with whom you are not friends with on Facebook, meaning they are nearly always missed. In other words, it basically works as a spam inbox.
If Facebook decides something is probably spam, some messages are diverted to a special folder ‘filtered requests’ in the ‘Message Requests’ inbox, where it can lay around unread. Facebook only notifies you if it senses you might know the sender, otherwise everything else is assumed to be spam.
Previously, it was revealed a secret Facebook folder marked as ‘other’ could contain important messages users have never seen. It used to be the case that the messages would sit in there until you checked.
To view all these filtered messages, follow the steps below:
  1. Open up Facebook Messenger on your phone
  2. Hit the “Settings” icon in the top right corner
  3. Select “People”
  4. Select “Message Requests”
  5. Below the messages that appear there, hit the link saying “See filtered messages”
All of the messages Facebook deemed as spam will automatically appear and in chronological order. Since, you won’t be getting notifications about the filtered messages, it may still be worthwhile to check every now and then to ensure that you do not miss out any important message.

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