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Ubuntu vs Linux Mint : Which Distro Should You Use?

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are both famous for being very friendly for beginners. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro and Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. But there are some real differences between both of these. And how would you choose the one for you? today we will answer this Ubuntu vs Linux Mint question.

System Requirements

Linux Mint:
512MB Ram  with 1GB as recommended.
9GB of disk space with 20GB as recommended.
800 x 600 screen resolution with 1024 x 768 recommended.
512MB RAM with 2GB as recommended.
5GB of disk space with 25GB as recommended.
1024 x 768 screen resolution.


Most distros opt the standard Linux desktop interface as their default. But Both Linux Mint and Ubuntu developed their own.
Ubuntu makes use of the Unity interface. Unity Interface is a GNOME-based desktop environment that is common only to Ubuntu.  To say simply, Ubuntu looks a lot like Mac OS while Linux mint looks similar to Windows with it’s start menu kind of look.
Linux Mint 18 uses the Cinnamon 3.0. You can see an  overview of its features in the below video .

Both  Linux Mint and Ubuntu have their own user themes. Linux has Mint-Y, while  Ubuntu has Ambiance and Radiance , a new look based on the Moka  and Arc theme icons.


When you consider the overall performance, Linux Mint definitely has an edge over Ubuntu when it comes to speed. Ubuntu has  gotten faster over its previous versions, but Linux Mint was always pretty snappy. Even on an older and lower-powered hardware, Mint stays fast ( compared to Ubuntu). If you are installing Linux on your PC to speed it up, Mint offers you a better experience.


If you are someone who is installing Linux for just learning basics, Ubuntu is the one for you since it’s forum has answer to every question you ask. If you are a tech savy guy and want to dig deep into Linux but don’t know where to start, Linux Mint is your best choice. If you are installing Linux on your old PC to make it faster, Mint is again one of the best choices you have.
Share your opinion on the Ubuntu vs Linux Mint topic in the comment section below.
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