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Hack Instagram Accounts With Instagram Phishing NEW Method 2017

Instagram hacking is a real trend now  a days.Everyone wants to hack Instagram accounts so what are you waiting for? Read this tutorial and learn how to hack Instagram account with phishing script.

Before we get started there are few requirements for this method to work.


      • 000webhost.com Account
      • Instagram Phishing Script – Click Here To Download
      • Time,Brain And Patience


1. First  of all visit 000webhost.com and make a account. So open the link and click on Sign Up Button
2. Next step is to fill the details .First of all chose the option ” I will choose your free subdomain” then follow the points below

1.Type any name for the website you want .Make sure you use a good name like i used freeinstalikes4u . You can use any name.Just make it look legit that user will surely click the link in your profile

2. Type your name

3.Type your email

4.Type your password

5.Retype your password

6.Click on “I agree to terms of services”

7. Verify the captcha by clicking on the box

8.Lastly click on create my account and it will take you to the website dashboard

You need to verify your email to perform next steps
3.After Email verification visit your account dashboard and next to your website there will an option of “Go to Cpanel” Click on it

4.After that search for File Managers section and choose any file manager of your choice.For this tutorial i will be using “File Manager 1”  so i suggest you to use the same
5.When you click on File Manager it will automatically take you to the login page.The username is already written there (if not get it from “FTP Details” in cpanel) and you just have to type your account password and login.

Sometimes it fails to login,To fix this Go to “FTP Details” From your cpanel and change password from there and try logging in again from the new password.

6.After logging in there will a panel similar to the image shown below.Click on “Public_html”

7.After clicking on “Public_html” delete everything that’s in it and then click on Upload Button

8.Extract the zip file which you have Downloaded in the start and upload it.Check the pic below .Upload to files and click on the tick button

9.After successful upload it will show you this page.Just hit on back button now.
That’s it .You just created a successful Phishing page .Here is an example how the site will look like

How To Check Hacked Accounts:

Whenever you hack someone .You will get their usernames and passwords in passwords.html file in your file manager.To access it without opening cpanel you just have to add ” /password.html ” after your phishing link.

For Ex.


Thats it.So just add /password.html after your phishing website and you will see a list of your hacked accounts

Final Words:

That’s all. There is nothing left to explain in this tutorial.Now go there and hack some accounts with your great social engineering skills.Mostly people use free likes and free followers niche to hack accounts by putting the link in their bio.So you can do the same.Just short the link with URL shortner and try it.
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