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Ubuntu Linux On Windows 10 — Here Are The First Pictures For You

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ubuntu on windows 10 

Short Bytes: At the first day of Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2016, something amazing happened. Microsoft showed the world how Ubuntu on Windows 10 can ease the lives of developers. By installing official Ubuntu binaries on Windows 10, you can use any Linux tool on Windows 10 and get your work done.
Earlier, we told you about the expected next chapter in Microsoft’s love affair with Linux that mentioned a partnership between Microsoft and Canonical to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10. Well, at Microsoft’s Developer Build Conference 2016 we got the confirmation.
The long-rival operating systems have come together to allow developers use their favorite Linux tools inside Windows 10. During Day 1’s keynote at Build 2016, Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo announced that now you can run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. This won’t be possible due to some virtual machine, emulator or a container. Instead, it’ll be with the help of Ubuntu binaries running natively in Windows 10.
Microsoft has already brought Visual Studio and SQL Server to Linux, apart from other examples of its admiration for open source and Linux.

Ubuntu on Windows 10 — What does it mean?

Bash running on Windows 10
Bash running on Windows 10
Well, thanks to the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary update, Windows OS will get a new developer feature that will allow you to import Ubuntu binaries and run native Linux shells and command line tools.
To run Bash on Windows, users usually turned to Cygwin, a GNU command line utility for Win 32 or HyperV and Ubuntu. Another option was to use Docker to run a Linux container.
On his blog, Dustin Kirkland from Canonical writes:
“Right, so just Ubuntu running in a virtual machine?”  Nope!  This isn’t a virtual machine at all.  There’s no Linux kernel booting in a VM under a hypervisor.  It’s just the Ubuntu user space. “Ah, okay, so this is Ubuntu in a container then?”  Nope!  This isn’t a container either.  It’s native Ubuntu binaries running directly in Windows. “Hum, well it’s like cygwin perhaps?”  Nope!  Cygwin includes open source utilities are recompiled from source to run natively in Windows.  Here, we’re talking about bit-for-bit, checksum-for-checksum Ubuntu ELF binaries running directly in Windows.
Willing to know more? Well, when this feature arrives in Windows 10, you’ll be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10 by simply getting Ubuntu from Canonical and Windows Store like this:
Getting Ubuntu on Windows 10
Getting Ubuntu on Windows 10
Here’s more:
Getting Ubuntu on Windows 10
Getting Ubuntu on Windows 10
The screenshots show a lightweight and real Ubuntu image on top of Windows 10. This Ubuntu on Windows 10 installation brings all Linux tool you can name — apt, ssh, rsync, find, grep, awk, sed, sort, xargs, md5sum, gpg, curl, wget, apache, mysql, python, perl, ruby, php, gcc, tar, vim, emacs, diff, patch, and more.
apt-get on Ubuntu on Windows 10

Inside your Windows installation drive, you can see all of your Ubuntu files in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Lxss\rootfs\
Windows 10 File Explorer
Windows 10 File Explorer
After setting up everything, you can run apt-get update in Windows 10 and download your favorite developer packages. Below is the result of apt-get install emacs23:
Emacs on Ubuntu on Windows 10
Emacs on Ubuntu on Windows 10
Also, you don’t need to use Putty. Now you can just ssh directly from the Ubuntu shell and get the work done — everything without touching your other Ubuntu system.

ssh on Ubuntu on Windows 10
Here’s a Windows 10 Start Menu screenshot that shows Ubuntu on Windows 10. Looks pretty great to me!
Ubuntu in Windows 10 Start Menu
Ubuntu in Windows 10 Start Menu
Wondering what Canonical thinks about the new partnership?
Here’s what Dustin Kirkland had to say — “This is an almost surreal endorsement by Microsoft on the importance of open source to developers.  Indeed, what a fantastic opportunity to bridge the world of free and open source technology directly into any Windows 10 desktop on the planet.”
Are you excited about this future with Ubuntu on Windows 10? Share your views in the comments below.


Enable this New Setting to Secure your Computer from Macro-based Malware 2016

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A Macro is a series of commands and actions that help to automate some tasks. Microsoft Office programs support Macros written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), but they can also be used for malicious activities like installing malware.

Hackers are cleverly using this technique on the shade of social engineering by sending the malicious Macros through doc file or spreadsheet with an eye-catching subject in the mail to the corporate networks.

Once a user opens the malicious Word document, the doc file gets downloaded to its system. However, danger comes in when the user opens the file, and a popup window appears that states "Enable Editing" to view the content.
Once the users click Enable Editing, the malicious file then begins to perform the notorious activities in the system such as to get embedded into other doc files to proliferate the attacking rate that results in crippling your system network.

All those actions would depend upon payload program defines inside the Macro.

Dridex and Locky are Warning Bells!!!

No other incidents could get you the clear picture on the potential threat of Macro viruses apart from Dridex Malware and Locky Ransomware. Both malware had made use of the malicious Macros to hijack systems.

Over 20 Million Euro had been stolen from the UK banks with the Dridex Malware, which got triggered via a nasty macro virus. The infectious bar of Locky ransomware had also seen an exponential growth in a couple of hours.

How to Protect Yourself from Macro-based Malware?

Step 1: Configure Trusted Location

Since disabling Macros is not a feasible option, especially in an office environment where Macros are designed to simplify the complex task with automation.

So, if your organization relies on Macros, you can move files that use Macros into the company’s DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), also called Trusted Location.

To configure the trusted location, you can navigate via:
User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Office XXX 20XX/Application Settings/Security/Trust Center/Trusted Locations
Once configured, the Macros that does not belong to the trusted location would not run in any way, beefing up your system’s security.

Step 2: Block Macros in Office Files that came from the Internet

Microsoft had recently unveiled a novel method by implementing a new tactical security feature to limit the Macro execution attack in MS Office 2016, ultimately preventing your system from hijacking.

The new feature is a group policy setting that lets enterprise administrators to disable macros from running in Office files that come from the Internet.

The new setting is called, "Block macros from running in Office files from the Internet" and can be navigated through the group policy management editor under:
User configuration > Administrative templates > Microsoft Word 2016 > Word Options > Security > Trust Center
It can be configured for each Office application.

By enabling this option, macros that come from the Internet are blocked from running even if you have 'enable all macros' in the Macros Settings.

Moreover, instead of having the option to 'Enable Editing,' you'll receive a notification that macros are blocked from running, as the document comes from an Untrusted Source.

The only way to run that particular Office file is to save it to a trusted location, allowing macros to run.


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Free download 1000 Hacking Tutorials Leaked 2016 By Sufyan Hacker

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Hi Mates This is an Nice Collection of Hacking Learning Materials that helps you in boosting your hacking learning skills ...Mustdownload And remember this is for educational purpose only "Hack To Protect" As simple as it sounds like :).
This package Contains some blazing contents as listed below which really nice.If you need any more help do comment below i will surely answer as soon as possible.also make share of Darksite and help others to learn.Its My 300 th post SO Hope We Will post many more articles Need Continuous Supports from you all love you all...

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How to get 1000+ Likes in Facebook trick to get auto like 2016 By Sufyan Hacker

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Hello friends today i am back with latest Facebook trick...
we are going to discuss how to get maximum number of like of your status(more than 1000+) and make your friend astonish.
Now You want to know how to get these many why to waste time lets begins...
so here i am providing you the tricks to do it.
This Can be Done Without Using Any Software Or Without knowing Any Programming Language just simple basics of internet browsing is needed.

Follow the steps

step 1:
Go to your privacy Settings and change your Privacy Settings To Public.
Step 2:
Go here And Allow Suscribers

Now , Comes The main step...
Just By Using Some Sites :-
These Site Use your Access Token And provide you mass amout of likes with the help of others access Tokens.

Huge Collection of sites to perform auto like Trick in facebook Password:


(if You use all these sites then i am sure you will get more than 10000+ likes :) )

Use these Trick before Facebook Patches IT
Some of the Site must not be working as they are banned Or server must be down

Please Do share ,hit like us on Facebook ,Do comments,Tell your friend to visit Hacking Tips and Tricks For latest Tricks And Stay connected with Hacking Tips and Tricks  to learn more latest tricks.


Sufyan Hacker

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Sufyan Hacker (Author)


Make Your PC Talk like Iron Man jarvis Operating System 2016 By Sufyan Hacker

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Sufyan Hacker (Author)

Hello Friends Today I am posting on one of the interesting topic that is making your pc talk .yes it is possible you can make your PC speech recognizable like you have seen in some Hollywood movie like iron man,chitti form Robort Movie(Rajnikant :D).Here is a brief tutorial that will explain you in details.
Speaking Computer
In Iron Man Movie It was the jarvis Operating which helps Iron Man in completing any computer related task that he wants to perform with voice recognition support-ability.Jarvis is totally based on Artificial intelligence aka Artificial Brain. Eventually, we can't have such a huge artificial brain r8 now with us bust we can have a start to this project and believe me you will enjoy it a lot .
Let Me demonstrate you few examples:
  • Give a Name to your Computer Like "Jarvis" and when you'll say "Jarvis" it will reply "Hello sir" or "Hello Mr. (Your Name)".
    You : Who are you ??
    Computer : I'm chitti The robo Speed, 1 terahertz, memory, one zettabyte
    (Just Like Rajnikanth's Moive "robot", (Enthiran) in Tamil.)
    Example 2 :
    YOU: Good Morning Jarvis !
    COMPUTER : Good Morning Mr. Stark ! how are you Today !

    So, Little wondering how these things going to work out ? Here you can transform your wondering into reality. Follow these codes :

    Example 1 :
    Example 1 : 


    <speak>Hello Mr. STark</speak>



    Example 2 :

    <listenFor>Good Morning Jarvis</listenFor>

    <speak>Good Morning Sir. how are you today</speak>



    Further, more you can use these lines of codes for Shutting down Computer :



    <listenFor>Nuke it</listenFor>

    <speak>Restarting Windows</speak>

    <run command="C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe"/>



    To make it more intresting and realastic you need a bit knwoledge of VB.NET

    here is one example




    <listenFor>Give me the Time</listenFor>

    <listenFor>What is the time</listenFor>

    <listenFor>Tell me the time</listenFor>

    <listenFor>What time is it</listenFor>

    <script language="vbscript">


    dim currentTime

    currentTime = FormatDateTime(Time(), 1)

    Application.Speak Time

    Application.SetTextFeedback Time




    now i have ms exel work then..

    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>insert row above</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>insert row below</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>insert column before</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>insert column after</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>merge cells</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>split table</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>delte row</listenFor>

      <listenFor>delte rows</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>delete column</listenFor>

      <listenFor>delete columns</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>?show table properties</listenFor>



    <command priority="100">

      <listenFor>?show ?hide table gridlines</listenFor>



    Track chnages in Music

    <command priority="100">
      <listenFor>next change</listenFor>
    <command priority="100">
      <listenFor>accept change</listenFor>

    To click

    <command priority="100">
     <listenFor>?mouse click</listenFor>   <mouse button="left" command="click" />

    if you need codes of any command leave comment below, and i will try to give you source codes.

    How To Make These Command Working

  • Things you need -
    A microphone or internal Microphone
    windows 7 and windows speech macros, download it from here
    install it then make Macros to start work 
  • Now open notepad and paste code in notepad 
  • for example

    <speak>Hello Mr. STark</speak>



    paste it and save as filename.WSRMac
    .WSRMac extention is must for it,
    then Goto your WSRMac file and click on
    Now click on "import signing Cerificate" and automaticly it will save a digital signature for it.See Image Below.
    Now Open Speech recognition And Say Your Command.

    Enjoy Talking to your Computer ! :D

    Now to Make Your Pc Look And Awesome Feel From This post.

    DO comment if you have Any doubt at any step.Put comments hit like us .subscribe us and Thanks For Visiting :).


    Cyber Crime And Rules On Internet Be Safe 2016 By Sufyan Hacker

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    Sufyan Hacker (Author)

    Cyber Crime And Rules

    Cyber Crime And Rules That You Should Know
    As The Days Progresses use of computers and the internet has increased rapidly among people.with the gaining popularity of internet or world wide web there also growth in crime specific to cyber world.people are getting smart enough to steal some one credential and perform various action on that may be consider bank account transaction or hacking into social network.
    Everyone who uses the internet is a potential victim. In the enforcement of these criminal offenses, it is imperative to incarcerate the small percentage who are criminal users and to protect the majority of users who are innocent. There is a broad spectrum of computer and internet crimes and they are often covered by both state and federal laws.

    Computer offences can be defined as a crime in which a computer, or a network of computers, are used in the commission of the crime. If an individual takes advantage of the internet in the commission of a crime, this is sometimes called a net-crime.

    The direct victim of a computer crime can either be the computer, or network, itself. These crimes can victimize something independent of the network such as a consumer by simply using a computer during the crime.

    Crimes that target computers specifically include things such as the implementation of computer viruses. Another type of this crime is sometimes referred to as a denial-of-service attack which is aimed at bringing down a particular network. The introduction of malware to a network is also a direct attack on a computer. Examples of malware are trojan horses and spyware. These are forms of unwanted software which infect a computer and are also referred to as a computer contaminant.
    Cyber terrorism is a form of this type of crime in which the perpetrator attempts to bring down a large scale computer network to interrupt its users and create panic.

    Examples of computer crimes with independent victims are cyberstalking, identity theft, and phishing.

    Some other common examples that are often publicized in the media are the distribution of child pornography and hate propaganda. Cyber terrorism and those distributing hate propaganda are directly linked because they are often perpetrated by the same organization or organizations with similar goals.

    With such a variety of offenses related to the cyber world, many worry that they will be subject to prosecution if they wander into an inappropriate website or inadvertently spread malware. The truth of the matter is that in the majority of state and federal statutes regulating computer crimes, the laws are written specifically to target those who indicate that they "knowingly" and/or "willingly" perpetrated one of these offenses.

    The agents who investigate these crimes, along with the prosecutor, carry the burden of showing that a person had the intent to commit the computer crime. A knowledgeable criminal lawyer can provide the expertise to defend those who may find themselves prosecuted for something that they did not have the intent to commit.

    So Lets Make the Cyber world Crime Free and Better for ease of Use For Benefit.


    How to Block any website Without Software 2017

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    Increasing the list of tips and tricks I am going to show a millions value of trick for my lovely visitors who asked me how do I block any website. Before always we talk about to unblock for any blocked or country banned website. But this time I will share a trick for block any website or specific websites even without any software or program. In this tutorial I will guide you step by step how to certain websites by just inserting such codes in a windows system file. I think all it will help all parents to block such dirty sites to protect their children from such a bad and adultery things which are inappropriate to the child. So check the below trick which is compatible and work in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer to block any website for temporarily or forever.

    block specific websites

    How to Block any website Without Software.

    As mentioned above this filter will help you to block specified websites easily without using any software. Check below the complete guide and secure your pc and children from adultery and porn sites by applying web filter and ban inappropriate websites. Follow the given below steps and block any website.

    try must

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    Sunday, 20 March 2016

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Serial Number and CS6 Full Crack Download 2017

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    No Doubt Photoshop cs6 is the top most graphic editor right now available in the market. Here we have CS6 premium serial key and CS6 extended serial key for you guys.

    Photoshop Cs6 download and Cs6 crack


    There is no Rocket Science behind getting your system Photoshop cs6. It is as easy as getting your system a new operating system. If you are looking to install a new windows, this article might help you- windows 7 product key. for now you are here to install and crack Photoshop cs 6 in your system . To get that you just need to download cs6 from Adobe's official site and install it your PC. do Remember that at first it will allow you to use and try cs6 for a limited period of time for free than you have to enter serial number of adobe Photoshop cs6 which sometimes referred as  license key for Photoshop cs6. 

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    Both terms stands equal and that is basically a set of numbers. 5 sets of 4 number totaling 20 number combination to unlock or crack your Photoshop cs6. a noticeable thing here in cs6 is that Photoshop cs6 serial is just numbers combination unlike windows product key where serial key is a combination of letters and numbers. So don't get confused guys. Just use the serial key Photoshop cs6 in your Photoshop cs6 crack from the list below. try keygen one by one.

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 premium Serial number





    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended serial number 





    Things to notice before Photoshop CS6 crack 



     Before you guys complain about not working! keep this in mind. You have to follow following instruction to successfully crack your cs6
    • Turn off your wifi and internet connection.
    •  clear cache.
    • Install the Photoshop cs6
    •  copy and paste serial number cs6.
    • click on connect later.
    • open Photoshop. 
    So guys enjoy your full cracked cs6 and do some creative editing for god sake! don't just put make up to Obama. :P or add mass to your biceps using liquify. Use your creativity and make some serious shit! Remember Photoshop cs6 download and always use Adobe Photoshop CS6 Serial Number from here.
    Do ask your quarries  and share your problems during install and crack. We are happy to help.
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