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How To Turn Your Laptop/PC Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot 2017 Easy Method 100% Working

  Hello guys! Today, i am going to share something very interesting. That is, easy tutorial to turn your laptop/pc into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Nowadays, everybody uses Wi-Fi. It has become a major part of our society. Nobody can live without Wi-Fi in buses, houses, offices, cafes or at public places etc. This tutorial will help you to save your money to buy a Wi_Fi router or any other thing. Now, you can easily use Wi-Fi through your laptop/Pc into your mobile.

Steps To Turn Laptop/PC Into Wi-FI Hotspot: 

 2-Download the latest version of Microsoft Net Framework and Install it.
 3-After installing Net Framework, Go to http://www.ostoto.com/products/wifi-hotspot.html.
 4-Download the OStoto Hotspot and install it.
 5-Make sure that you have disabled your Antivirus while using Hotspot.
 6-Open the Ostoto Hotspot.
7-Choose any WiFi SSID name and Password.
8-Click on START UP and turn on Wi-Fi on the Mobile where you want to use and connect.

9- When your device is connected, it will appear in the Connected Devices.
10- ENJOY!

Video Demonstration: 

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