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How To Hack Browsing Speed Of Chrome/Mozila. Hack YouTube Buffering Speed 2017

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the world's top browser. About 90% internet users uses Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But, often user feel uncomfortable while using Chrome and Mozilla due to low internet speed. Today, i am going to share, a trick to make your Chrome and Mozilla runs faster than before. You are going to love this tutorial. By using this,you can watch Youtube videos with fast buffering speed. Hack your YouTube Buffering speed.

Steps To Make Chrome/Mozilla Runs Faster:

1- First of all go to http://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php and download the latest version of Cheat Engine.

2- Open your Chrome or Mozilla browser.

3- Install Cheat Engine and open it.

4-Click on select a process to open as shown in shot.

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5-Select the browser like firefox or chrome you want to hack speed.

6- Click on enable speed hack and adjust the speed limit as shown in the shot.

7- Now, use your browser with flying speed.

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