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How to Increase IDM Downloading Speed. Hack Internet Speed 2017

IDM(Internet Download Manager) is the world's best downloading software. By using IDM, you can easily download music, videos, softwares, programs and fun stuff easily directly from internet. When we download something from internet by using IDM, one needs high downloading speed. There are various tools to hack IDM speed, but in this article i will discuss some best tricks to hack/increase you IDM downloading and uploading speed for free.

How To Hack IDM Download Speed:

Method-1: Internal IDM Speed Setting:

Step 1. Open the IDM program directly from you computer's desktop. Go to downloads option and adjust the speed limiter as shown in the screen shot below.

Step 2. Go to option.

Step 3. Go to connection.

Step 4. Adjust the speed limiter exactly as shown in the screen shot below.

Step 5. Click OK. Download something form youtube or dailymotion. Your downloading speed is increased.

Method-1:Hack IDM Speed By Using IDM Optimizer:

Step 1. Download the IDM Optimizer from the link below.

                                                         Download Now!

Step 2. Install It and run the program.

Step 3. Don't forget to run IDM before Running IDM Optimizer.

Step 4. When you opened IDM Optimizer, click on maximize now.

Step 5. When you downloaded something, you can also restore you IDM setting.

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