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Finding the MAC Address on an Android Phone or Android Tablet 2017

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The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique 12-character identifier (e.g. 00:00:00:00:00:0X) for a specific piece of hardware, like the network adapter located in WiFi devices.
If you are using to register a WiFi device, you'll need to know the device's MAC address. Registering a device allows you to access Optimum Hotspots without having to sign in.

Finding the MAC Address on Your Android Tablet

To locate the MAC Address of your Android phone or Android tablet, follow these steps:
  1. On the Home screen, tap the menu icon galaxy tab Menu key and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap About Tablet then tap Status and then scroll down to view WiFi Mac address.

Finding the MAC Address on Your Android Phone

Depending on your device, attempt to follow one set of instructions listed below:
  1. On the Home screen, tap the Menu button and go to Settings.
  2. Tap About Phone.
  3. Tap Status.
  4. Scroll down to see your WiFi MAC address.
  1. On the Home screen, tap the Menu button and go to Settings.
  2. Tap About Phone.
  3. Tap Hardware information.
  4. Scroll down to see your WiFi MAC address.
  1. On the Home screen, press the Menu key and select Settings.

  2. Now select Wireless and network.

  3. Select WiFi Settings. You will find the MAC address under the Advanced section.



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The Best Hacking Tools Of Hackers 2017

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We at the Anonymous Headquarters have jotted down a list of tools that one requires for penetration testing, along with other hacking resources that are put together by some truly best programs in existence today. These tools can simplify many of the challenging jobs which require our immense time and constant coding – with these and more software available they take our painstaking tasks and make it easy.
So, without further waiting, let us start off with list:-

The Social-Engineer Toolkit
 Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of The Social Engineering Toolkit as viewed in Kali Linux.

Also highlighted on Mr. Robot, TrustedSec’s Social-Engineer Toolkit is definitely a state-of-the-art platform for replicating several varieties of social engineering strikes such as phishing attacks, credential harvestings plus a lot more. Elliot, the protagonist from Mr. Robot, is using SMS spoofing tool available in the social engineering toolkit. However, this Python powered application which happens to be a common means of social engineering penetration checks with over a million downloads. The attacks produce mask e-mails, malevolent internet pages and much more.
To download SET on Linux, type the following command:
git clone set/
Outside of Linux, Social-Engineer Toolkit is to some extent supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of the Maltego graphical user interface.

This open source forensics program provides arduous exploration and insight mapping for coating an image of online hazards surrounding you. Maltego does really well in revealing the complexness and intensity of points of failure in your system and the encompassing setting.
Maltego is a superb security program that evaluates the real world connections amongst individuals, businesses, online websites, domains, DNS, internet protocol address, documentation and everything in the middle. Dependent on Java, this unique tool works with a convenient, usable visual interface with many modification selections while scanning.
This software is available to download on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Image Sourc
e: Google e – A screenshot of Nessus online graphical user interface.

This leading free of charge security program of works jointly with a client-server framework. Brains at Tenable Network Security made this possible; the software is amongst the preferred vulnerability scanners available to us. The brand provides distinctive software, everything a security specialist needs to get started – Nessus Home, Nessus Professional, Nessus Manager and Nessus Cloud.
However, utilizing Nessus, anybody can scan several kinds of weaknesses including remote access defect recognition, misconfiguration notification, denial of services to prevent TCP/IP load, organizing of PCI DSS audits, virus discovery, hypersensitive data queries, etc. To start a dictionary breach, Nessus then takes extra help from Hydra externally. Besides the above revealed basic features, Nessus may be applied to browse several systems on IPv4, IPv6 and cross networks. One can plan a scan so it may execute at the time that was added as well as re-scan each or a subsection of earlier reviewed hosts by making use of particular host checking.
Nessus Vulnerability Scanner is compatible with a number of operating systems most notably Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X, and prominent Linux distros such as Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux &, etc.


Image Source: Google – A screenshot of Hashcat graphical user interface as it appears on Microsoft Win

If you are a big fan of password cracking, then you might be familiar with oclHashcat password breaking program. Although this software can be described as a CPU-based password cracking instrument, oclHashcat is its cousin that uses your GPU instead of your CPU power. However, oclHashcat dubs itself world’s speediest password cracking instrument with industry’s first and only CPGPU dependent system. For making use of the program, NVIDIA consumers should have ForceWare 346.59 or the ones after that while AMD consumers should have Catalyst 15.7 or any versions installed after that.
This software uses the attacks listed below:-
Hybrid mask + Dictionary Attacks (& vice versa)
Brute Force Attacks
Straight Attacks
Combination Attacks
Pointing out a great additional element, oclHashcat is an open source instrument with Massachusetts Institute of Technology license which enables a quick integration for the popular Linux distros.
This software is available to download on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.


Image Source: Google Image
– A screenshot of Wireshark, a traffic sniffing software.

This sniffing software is a popular packet altering program which finds weaknesses inside a network and pushes firewall set functions. Utilized by a large number of security experts to evaluate systems, live packet recording as well as deep checking of numerous protocols. Wireshark enables you to study real-time data from your local area network to PPP/HDLC, IEEE 802.11, ATM, USB, Token Ring, Bluetooth, Frame Relay, FDDI, as well as others.
Wireshark is free to download and like any other great software, it is opensource & for those who like it old school you can use its command line version labeled as TShark. This GTK plus.
This software is available to download on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.

Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of Zenmap which is a graphical interface of Nmap.

Nmap or Network Mapper lies in the group of a port scanning tools. This software is also, free and open source. It by far on the most prominent port scanning tools available which enable effective networking detection and security audit. Employed for an array of solutions, the port scanner makes use of raw IP packets to discover the hosts located on a circle, the systems they are using, the services they are using, and firewalls used all of this is information comes to the screen after a simple scan. In 2015, Network Mapper obtained numerous achievement awards and was also showcased in several movies particularly, Die Hard 4, The Matrix Reloaded plus many others. Easily obtainable in the command line, the port scanning software is available in an enhanced graphical user interface called ZenMap.
This software is available to download on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.

Acunetix WVS
Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of Acunetix graphical user interface as it appears on Microsoft Wind
This Web Vulnerability Scanner guessing by its category it has the ability to scan and discover the faults in your website(s) by checking them if they are vulnerable. This multi-functioning program searches the online web page and examines and tests for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injections, Cross Scripting, as well as other weaknesses. This quick and easy to use program scans websites that are built on WordPress since there are more than 1200 plus weaknesses in WordPress alone. The software features a login series recorder that enables a person to get inside the password defended sectors of the online site. The revolutionary AcuSensor development employed in this program which enables you to minimize the false positive rates. Such functions are making Acunetix WVS a liked testing tool amongst the community
This software is available to download on Windows XP and its later editions.


Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of Metas
poilt as it appears on Kali Linux.

At the end Metaspoilt takes this list – this gem of a tool needs no introduction in the community of security auditors, testers or hackers for that matter, instead of labeling it as a tool it is a whole different world Metasploit is a group of exploit resources, one can call it a substructure which one can harness to establish one’s personally customized methods. This free program has become one of the most favored online security systems which means it gives a person the ability to discover vulnerabilities at various systems. Metasploit is supported by over a hundred thousand customers and members that aid you by updating its database so its users can help maintain security.
This list of the hacking tool allows you to mimic real-world problems to identify the weak spots and what can you do to defend them. Very useful for finding vulnerabilities in all kinds of operating systems the ones in your laptop to the ones in your cell phones, Metaspoilt points out these issues with Nexpose closed–loop incorporation making use of leading remediation reviews. By using this free and open source framework all a user needs to do is be creative and the possibilities are endless with this one of a kind security testing tool.
This software is available to download on Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.
Here is an additional list worth mentioning

Password Auditing:-

a) Aircrack
b) Cain & Able
c) John the Ripper


a) Cain & Able
b) TCP Dump
c) Kismet
d) Ettercap
e) NetStumbler
f) dsniff
g) Ntop
h) Ngrp
i) EtherApe
j) NetworkMiner
k) P0f
l) inSSIDer
m) KisMAC

Rootkit Detectors:-

a) Sysinternals
b) Tripwire
c) DumpSec
d) HijackThis

Vulnerability Exploitation Tools:-

a) w3af
b) Core Impact
c) sqlmap
d) Canvas
e) sqlninja
f) Netsparker
g) BeEF
h) dradis
Wireless Tools:-
a) Aircrack
b) Kismet
c) Netstumbler
d) inSSIDer
e) KisMAC


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Avast Premier Antivirus Free Download Setup+Keys 2017 Cracked Version

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Avast Premier Antivirus is a full PC protection suite. The application has numerous features and multi-function security tools to protect your PC. It has a modern, friendly and intuitive user interface, is very easy to use and is very powerful.
Avast are constantly updating their database of virus definitions, meaning your computer will be protected against the latest spyware, viruses and potentially hazardous websites. The application has a large and active community following that quickly alerts the development team of new security threats which are swiftly countered and added to Avast’s significant database.
Key features include:
  • Smart scan.
  • Real-time protection.
  • Anti virus, anti-spyware, and anti rootkit tools.
  • System optimization.
  • Friendly user interface.
Avast Premier Antivirus also includes some new technologies such as secure dns, scan https, and home security network to add to your protection. The browser add-on further improves your PC's security with features like cookie and social tracking blocking
Overall, Avast Premier Antivirus is a great product although it is heavy on resources*. The application has an easily accessible and friendly user interface coupled with lots of configurable tools and settings. Avast Premier Antivirus has an excellent detection of threats and the smart scan function is very useful.

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All Types Of Hackers. Ethical Hacking in 2017

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Today we will know about real Ethical Hacking techniques and types of ethical hackers guys. In nowadays the demand for computer and smartphone has been increased, without these tech things we can’t do anything. If you are running a business or company or working in a bank, everywhere computers are needed to do work. The ethical hacking is related to the tech devices. The computer is a device which does operate in seconds. At the same times, hackers are using their ethical hacking skills to hack our computer which I have described below.
Have you hear about Cyber crime or not? If you don’t know about the Cyber crime, let me tell you It is a crime in which Hackers steal the information of other people’s computers using their computers. After taking the information of victim‘s they blackmailed them for money. There are lots of organizations which pay for their files and data to hackers.
The crime in computer’s world is increasing day by day. So, Now companies need to secure their files and records for their future. Now it’s become the meager question weather the Ethical hacking is legal or illegal.

What is Ethical Hacking in 2017?

Ethical hacking means to find a weakness of computer and access the information of that computer through this weakness. Hacking can be done by a professional hackers, who have a great knowledge about computers. You can also imagine from the word “Hacking” that it is illegal activity. By doing hacking anyone can be put into the risk. But every time hacking is not a bad thing cause some time it is used for a better reason. Some hackers are good or some are bad. let’s discuss about the types of hackers.

Types of Hacker

Basically there are three types of hackers. In which the two hackers are bad and other one is good type hacker. The three types of hackers are White hat hackers, black hat hackers and grey hat hackers. Let’s discuss the type of hackers.
#1. Back Hat Hacker
The black hat hackers are those hacker who don’t need any permission to hack computers. They just get access into your computer and steal the data like Bank details and personal account detail. Black Hat hackers are very bad and increase a risk of Cyber crime.
#2. White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hackers are those hackers which are only hack computers for testing the security and make it more better. White Hat Hacker hacks computers after the permission of that person they want to hack. They made the security very powerful. White Hat Hackers are called Ethical Hacker guy’s.
#3. Grey Hat Hackers
Grey Hat Hacker are those who don’t effect the data of others. They only hack the system to learn hacking or for their fun guys. They also don’t take any permission from the victim’s. They are not White hat hacker cause they don’t take permission or also not a Black hat cause they don’t effect anyone.

Is Ethical Hacking Legal or Illegal?

If you know about the hackers type then you absolutely know that Ethical Hacking is legal cause in Ethical Hacking the every step taken by hacker is on the permission of victim’s. Ethical Hacker use there hacking tricks only on those who have given permission to them. Ethical hackers follow the rules to hack computers. So, you don’t need to be worry about Ethical Hacking skills.
If you want to be ethical hacker and don’t know where to start then like and follow us. In a short time you will learn some easy hacking method guys. If you have any question related to hacking then ask in the comment box.


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Best Programming Languages for Hacking 2017

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Every application or site you use is programmed in a particular computer language also known as Programming, and people such as Hackers try to hack it. But to break anything, first you need to understand the languages and then exploit its weakness, same happens in hacking. To actually hack anything first you'll have to understand target application but that understanding requires knowledge of these particular languages.

Which Programming are required to Hackers?

There are lots of computer languages but few are required for hacking purpose because in most cases it depends upon target. There are basically three sections ― Web Hacking, Exploit Writing & Reverse Engineering and each of it requires different coding.

1. Web Hacking

Let's say you are interested in hacking web apps and sites then you will need to learn web coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript because all sites are created using these languages and knowing it will allow you to understand things quite easily.
HTML: One of the easiest and widely used static markup web language present in each and every website you see in your browser. It's recommended to learn HTML very well because it helps understanding web actions, response, and logic. 
JavaScript: JS is a client-side web programming mostly used in web sites for better user interface and quick response. You should learn JS carefully because it helps to understand client-side mechanism which is essential for finding client-side flaws.
PHP: A dynamic server-side language which is responsible for managing web-apps and database. PHP is considered one of the most essential language because it controls everything on site and server, like a captain of a ship. It is advised to learn PHP nicely.
SQL: SQL is responsible for storing and managing sensitive and confidential data such as User Credentials, Personal info or even Bank details used in almost all data storing sites and therefore it's the most attacked portion of a site.

2. Exploit Writing

Python: It is said that a Hacker must know Python because its the core for creating exploits and tools. Security experts and even pro hackers suggests us to master Python because it provides wider flexibility and can be used in many places. I recommend to read Black Hat Python
Ruby: A simple but complicated object-oriented language. Ruby is very useful when it comes to exploit writing. It is used for meterpreter scripting and you may know that Metasploit framework itself is programmed in Ruby.

3. Reverse Engineering

Assembly: It's a low level but advance coding. One can instruct a machine hardware or software using it. If you're keen about Reverse Engineering then Assembly is going to be very helpful.
C/C++: For example in C/C++ you will learn that you shouldn't write past the end of the array - if you have allocated memory for 10 elements, you shouldn't attempt to write to the 11-th slot. Which is exactly what hackers will proceed to do, and notice that everything the computer does is calculate "array_base + n * elem_size" and write the element to that address, no matter where it falls.They will also notice that if you go up in memory (the stack grows down), you will eventually go past all the local variables, and to the function's saved return address. Put two and two together, and you end up injecting machine code in the array, and then overwriting the return address with the start address of your own code - when the function call attempts to end, it will transfer execution to your injected code instead of back to the function's caller (all a return does is pop the saved return address and jump to it).


I mentioned seven languages but that's not all and nobody ever learn all of them 100% but you should know little bit of each as its essential but what matters here is only your target, If the app which you want to hack is coded in ASP then you'll need to know ASP. Do you think any other programming is essential for Hackers? if yes then please comment below.


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What Is DeepWeb & How To Access It 2017

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What Is Darknet & How To Access It

A Darknet is an overlay network that can only be accessed with specific software, configurations, or authorization, often using non-standard communications protocols and ports.

The Dark Net, Deep Net or The Hidden Internet are anonymous that means you will not be able to know the website owner or to who the website belongs too, Over the usual Internet,
A non-indexed website owner or website developer can be tracked by doing some Internet searches or wondering to different sites. However, web pages on the Dark Net or say Dark Web are using the TOR (The Onion Router) network and the foundation of the TOR is to include numerous nodes, so the source is not traceable.

The Deep Web and the Darknet
Most people are confused about what exactly the Darknet is. Firstly, the Darknet is sometimes confused with the Deep Web. 'Deep Web' refers to all parts of the Internet which cannot be indexed by search engines, and so can't be found through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth. Experts believe that this Deep Web is hundreds of times larger than the 'surface Web' (i.e., the internet you can easily get to from Google).

Birth of the Darknet
October 29, 1969
Charley Kline, a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, types out the first message between computers connected by ARPANET, the Internet progenitor developed by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Darknets were able to receive data from ARPANET but had addresses that did not appear in the network lists and would not answer pings or other inquiries.
Just a few years later, a number of isolated, secretive networks begin to appear alongside ARPANET. Some eventually become known as "Darknets."

Birth of The Onion Router
September 20, 2002
Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory release an early version of Tor ("The Onion Router"), which conceals the location and IP address of users who download the software. Originally designed to protect the identity of American operatives and dissidents in repressive countries like China, Tor also has another natural constituency: denizens of the darknet.
As of 2015 "The Darknet" is often used interchangeably with the dark web due to the quantity of hidden services on Tor's darknet. The term is often used inaccurately and interchangeably with the deep web search due to Tor's history as a platform that could not be search indexed. Mixing uses of both of these terms has been described as inaccurate, with some commentators recommending the terms be used in distinct fashions

Currency of the darknet
Bitcoin plays an important role throughout the Darknet. Since staying anonymous is key, Bitcoin is the only currency you can pay with there. Unlike the “normal” web almost every other website has the “Bitcoin accepted” sign displayed on it.  Because of Bitcoin’s pseudo-anonymous nature, it’s the perfect currency to power such an ecosystem.

on January 3, 2009 A man calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto "mines" the first Bitcoin, a form of untraceable cryptocurrency. Unlike previous digital currencies that failed because there was nothing to prevent users from literally copying their money, Bitcoin makes use of an innovative public accounting ledger that prevents double spending. Unsurprisingly, the cryptocurrency is an instant hit in the darknet, its anonymity making it a perfect tool for money laundering and criminal activity.

1 Bitcoin equals 468.53 US Dollar as of 28/may/2016

The Uses of Darknet
Darknets in general may be used for various reasons, such as:
To better protect the privacy rights of citizens from targeted and mass surveillance
Protecting dissidents from political reprisal
Whistleblowing and news leaks
Computer crime (hacking, file corruption etc.)
Sale of restricted goods on Darknet markets
File sharing (porography, confidential files, illegal or counterfeit software etc.)

Access the Darknet
All darknets network require specific software installed or network configurations made to access them
To access the hidden web you need two things – for starter The Onion Browser (also known as TOR Browser) that can access dot onion pages and a search engine or web page that can help you to search the dark web.

Recently there are many websites that are known as the deep web directories. Since they are hidden and are unable to search due to the reason that they are not listed correctly. Most of the links on such directories do not guide you where the link will lead to.

Here is some software used to access the darknet

1) Tor the most popular instance of a darknet
So what is Tor?
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

The Tor network is a group of volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Tor's users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making a direct connection, thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Along the same line, Tor is an effective censorship circumvention tool, allowing its users to reach otherwise blocked destinations or content. Tor can also be used as a building block for software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features.What is Tor?
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

Other Popular Deep Web Technologies

I2P – This is an anonymity network which you may find slightly more techie to install and get running, but once you do there are some great tools and apps, including one to make it easier for you to set up your own hidden blog.

FAI (Free Anonymous Internet) – Based on blockchain technology, this network allows for the anonymous publishing and browsing of content and has a social network style homepage that lets you follow other users, share content with your followers, and tip the creators of content you like. FreeNet – One of the older and most highly regarded systems,

FreeNet combines deep web with DarkNet. This means that you can maintain a list of trusted peers and either connect to them only, or connect to them in preference to less trusted peers. As far as I know, this gives the highest level of privacy and security of any system, but does require a little more effort to make the most of.

ZeroNet – Based on torrent technology in combination with Bitcoin encryption, this is a new system which is not well developed but which I think holds promise for the future.

Is this safe to browse the Dark Net?
All safety depends on you. What you are looking for? You can create a private chat room where you can talk with your friends, or you can also hire a person for the  wet job(for the wrong work). It could be a journalist for exchanging of intelligence documentation, or someone selling illegal drugs. There are also websites that sell unlicensed weapons.
If you are willing to analyze the types  of sites that are accessible on the darknet, then a majority of web sites usually belongs to the Gangsters. Why, due to the fact that it gives you full anonymity. You will find some forum where people will be talking about suicides, murders and the odd things they did. And If you have a week heart than don’t even think to search that!

How to stay anonymous when surfing the Darknet
In order to access the Tor network you have to remain anonymous, this is not a request, it’s a prerequisite. This is done through a special web browser called, surprisingly enough, TOR. TOR stands for “The Onion Router”, it got its name from the fact that in order to reveal the core user of the browser you’ll have to peel a lot of layers off just like an onion.

You can use TOR to surf the pedestrian web (the everyday Internet you  know ) anonymously, or you can use it to access the Darknet.

Here’s the deal:

When you access the pedestrian Internet , you are directly communicating with websites. But when you’re accessing a website through TOR it’s like asking another user to ask another user to ask another user to fetch the webpage information for you. This is of course a over simplified explanation but the general idea is that communications bounce around a lot of different computers and it makes it very difficult to track who is actually viewing a website, sending an email or conducting any other action.

It also makes the Internet connection extremely slow, but for now here’s what you need to know about TOR:

It’s a free to download browser, The browser is built on top of the Firefox browser’s open source code so it’s pretty intuitive. Once you download and launch it it will connect you to the TOR network and you’re good to go.

TOR network was initially created by the US military to communicate anonymously. They still dump government files – not open to the general public – on the Darknet. Since the federal and other governments are themselves using the Darknet, they do not consider it feasible to order TOR to shut it down.
The Darknet (Deep Web) Explained

Additional security – using VPN
Although no one knows your identity when using TOR, some people like to add an additional layer of protection and connect to TOR through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The reason is, that even though you’re anonymous, you can still be identified as using TOR for “something”.

Important security steps when using the Darknet
Turn off running scripts in the TOR options (click the button just before the address bar). This is because most of the sites in Darknet are criminal in nature. If you land on one, they might want to trace you down. And scripts created using JavaScript can be dangerous if they manage to store something on your computer.

Think twice before you click any link as you do not know who operates the website and where any of these links lead to. Use only known directories to reach authenticated destinations.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING TO YOUR COMPUTER. No BitTorrents and no downloads as they may give away your actual IP when storing things to your computer.

This is not for you
In all likelihood, you’ll never need to venture into the Deep Web. The Surface Web contains all the services and tools the average person could ever want. You won’t find any streaming video services or social networks or corporate websites you will feel like you are using the internet on 1990 .
months ago few social networks  start to appear on the darknet but it's not yet that large and its not for your daily life ! it's a darknet social network ! can you imagine a social network that was made only for mafia men !

The Darknet is fraught with bogeymen just waiting for you to let down your guard.
you will be an easy target on the darknet for those who are waiting to catch the new victim ! don't be the victim everyone is looking for !

But if you ever do need the sanctity of secure communications and true anonymity
a level of protection that the Surface Web simply can’t provide then rest easy.
Everyone has a voice in the Darknet, down in the depths where even Google’s spiders fear to crawl.

This post was written for educational purposes only. If you wish to use the Darknet, do it at your own discretion and at your own risk. Make sure to be aware of any consequences that may follow.

                                 Sufyan Hacker (Author) 



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Bitcoin Price Jumps Above $1150-Highest In Last Three Years

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What a good start of the New Year for those holding Bitcoins!

Web-based digital currency Bitcoin has passed $1,110 for the first time on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) since early November 2013.

Bitcoin broke the barrier on 1 January and now is trading above $1,150 mark at the time of writing, marking a bright beginning to 2017 for the digital currency.

At the time of writing, 1 Bitcoin = $1158.99.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary virtual currency that has no central authority; instead, it relies on thousands of computers worldwide that validate transactions and add new Bitcoins to the system.

The world’s first and most famous cryptocurrency is developed around Blockchain, which is a complex cryptographic protocol and a global computer's network that oversees and verifies which Bitcoins have been spent by whom.

The identity of the people spending Bitcoins is extremely difficult to trace because of its anonymous nature. Therefore, the currency is very popular among criminals.
The digital currency has historically been highly volatile. Its value reached above $1,100 in two months in late 2013, before the Tokyo-based Mt. Gox exchange hacked. The incident dropped the Bitcoin value to under $400 in few weeks.

So what's behind the recent surge in the Bitcoin value?

Market watchers have suggested that the value of Bitcoin may have been boosted in the past year by increased demand in China on the back of a 7 percent annual drop in the value of the yuan in 2016, which is the Chinese currency's weakest annual performance in over 20 years.

According to Reuters, Data shows most Bitcoin trading is done in China. More than 5 Million Bitcoins were traded within 24 hours since the turn of the year, with nearly 38 Billion yen traded (~$3.2 Billion), , according to Cryptocoin.

Bitcoin's outstanding performance this year has also been driven by a lack of supply of cash in India, where its Prime Minister removed high-denomination banknotes from circulation at the beginning of November 2016.

While Bitcoin remains the most widely used and successful cryptocurrency of all time, some cryptocurrency has also gained popularity in the past year, which includes Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash.


This Ransomware Unlocks Your Files For Free If You Read CyberSecurity Articles 2017

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Ransomware has been around for a few years, but in last two years, it has become one of the fastest growing threats to businesses and users across the world, so will be in 2017.

Ransomware is a piece of malware that encrypts files on your computer with strong encryption algorithms and then demands a ransom money in Bitcoin to decrypt the data so you can regain access to your encrypted files.

We have seen some nastier ransomware infections over the past couple of years. The most interesting one was Popcorn Time that decrypts victims files for free if they pass the infection on to other people.

Now, a new strain of ransomware takes the infection to a whole new level of craziness.

Dubbed Koolova, the ransomware will restore your encrypted files for free, just like Popcorn Time. The only difference between both the infections is that you don't have to infect others to get free decryption key.

Instead, all you have to do is educate yourself about ransomware by reading two cyber security awareness articles about avoiding the infection.
Discovered by security researcher Michael Gillespie and reported by BleepingComputer, the Koolova ransomware is not professionally coded and appears to be a work in progress.

The ransomware requires a lot of technical knowledge to get to the ransom demand screen that asks victims what they need do in order to avoid erasure of their data.

Once infected, Koolova encrypts the victim's files and then displays a warning screen where the text tells the victim to open and read two articles before they can get the ransomware decryption key.

If the victim is too lazy to read both articles, Koolova starts a countdown that if gets to zero, the ransomware will delete the encrypted files like Jigsaw malware.

But once the victim reads both articles, the Decrypt My Files (Decripta i Miei File) button becomes available. On clicking this button, Koolova will connect to the Command-and-Control (C&C) server and retrieve the decryption key.

The victim will then be able to take that decryption key and enter it into the key field to decrypt files.

Although the motive behind the ransomware attack is not to harm people, these kinds of actions are considered to be illegal in many countries. On January 1, a new law went into effect in California that outlaws the use of ransomware.

Do you consider educating people about any threat like this a good practice? Hit the comments below.


Stolen NSA"Windows Hacking Tools" Now Up For Sale 2017

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  10:44:00

The Shadow Brokers who previously stole and leaked a portion of the NSA hacking tools and exploits is back with a Bang!

The hacking group is now selling another package of hacking tools, “Equation Group Windows Warez,” which includes Windows exploits and antivirus bypass tools, stolen from the NSA-linked hacking unit, The Equation Group.

For those unfamiliar with the topic, The Shadow Brokers is a notorious group of black-hat hackers who, in August 2016, leaked exploits, security vulnerabilities, and "powerful espionage tools" created by The Equation Group.

On Saturday, the Shadow Brokers posted a message on their ZeroNet based website, announcing the sale of the entire "Windows Warez" collection for 750 Bitcoin (around US$678,630).

The data dump contains many windows hacking tools, categorized as following:
  • Fuzzing tools (used to discover errors and security loopholes)
  • Exploit Framework
  • Network Implants
  • Remote Administration Tools (RAT)
  • Remote Code Execution Exploits for IIS, RDP, RPC, SMB Protocols (Some Zero-Days)
  • SMB BackDoor (Implant)
Interestingly, the Remote Administration Tool (RAT) "DanderSpritz" included in the list is the one previously leaked in the NSA's documents revealed by Edward Snowden.

Besides this, malware researcher Jacob Williams analyzed the archive of "screenshots and output of the find command across the dump" provided by the hacker as an evidence of legitimacy and estimated that the tools may also include a Fully Undetectable Malware (FUD) toolkit.
The FUD toolkit might have an ability to "evade/bypass personal security products," such as Avira, Avast, Dr.Web, ESET Antivirus, Comodo, McAfee Antivirus, Microsoft Essential, Panda, Symantec, Trend Micro and Kaspersky Antivirus.

The buyers can purchase the entire database of hacking tools that The Equation Group used against various countries to expand its espionage operations.

In August, the Shadow Brokers announced an auction attempting to sell the complete set of tools to the highest bidder, but the group canceled their auction in October due to little or no response on their public sale.

But since this time the group has made Windows hacking tools up for sale, the chances are that hackers and espionage groups would be interested in buying these hacking tools. 
Source: The Hacker News


Sunday, 8 January 2017

8 Most Awesome Hacks Conducted By Anonymous Hackers

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  10:51:00

Research proved that Anonymous hacktivists group is relatively much bigger than you anticipated and become quite popular among people all over the world. News about their existence first became public on social media, with members shown flaunting Guy Fawkes masks. It was all quite fitting, with the group calling themselves Anonymous and wearing such masks in all over their demonstrations.
In an age where government oppression is becoming increasing common, such groups have popped up everywhere. Anonymous is, arguably, the most famous of them. With the activity of such groups largely considered illegal but done in opposition to injustice by authorities as well as their donning such masks, Anonymous members are even considered as vigilantes by people.
We take a look at 8 of the best hacks done by the Anonymous group:

BART attack (2011)

BART attack was a repercussion to the shutting down of subterranean cellular services by the company when protestors were looking to organize protests due to BART police shooting an unarmed passenger. Protestors failed to organize their acts due to BART’s action, and Anonymous took things into their own hands.
First, they gained access to and posted personal details like names and account passwords of users. Then, when Linton Johnson, the company’s spokesperson, failed to admit this was a mistake, Anonymous took things a bit further by posting nude pictures of him online.

Project Chanology attack (2008)

This was done as Anonymous believed the Church of Scientology was spreading misinformation about Scientology using internet censorship. Anonymous used Google bombing, linking the work Scientology to the cult or dangerous so that searching Scientology in Google would produce misleading and wayward results. One propaganda video was posted on YouTube, for which the Church sued the video website. Anonymous responded with a video of their own, generating 4.6 million views.

Federal attack (2012)

The FBI shut down MegaUpload due to copyright infringement, and Anonymous retaliated with a tit-for-tat attack by shutting down Recording Industry and America and Motion Picture Association of America’s websites. The speed and gravity of the attack was a show of Anonymous’ power and intent.
must read Anonymous Nailed 2015

Dark discovery (2011)

Anyone familiar with the darknet would have heard of the Hidden Wiki, which is a guide to many underground websites that support illegal activities on the dark net. Anonymous gained access to Hidden Wiki, hunted down child pornography websites, and primarily attacked Lolita City, the file-sharing website that pedophiles used frequently.
They publicly posted the names of the 1,589 members of the website, showing that they would stand no such thing and are out to prevent the injustice of such notoriety. Anonymous also showed that they are willing to go anywhere for getting justice done, even the darknet, where law officials fail to get the job done at times as well.

Cybergate (2011)

HBGarry Federal’s CEO Aaron Barr claimed that his cybersecurity firm had succeeded in infiltrating Anonymous and would post details about the members publicly at a conference. That didn’t sit well with Anonymous, who showed them it isn’t wise to put one’s hand in a snake’s hole. They hijacked HBGarry’s website, changed the logo to Anonymous’ logo, posted the message that people should think twice before messing with Anonymous, took down their phone system and also extracted 70,000 messages from their email system.
What’s more, they posted a link to these messages on the internet through…..Barr’s twitter account. Yes, they hacked that too. The messages posted revealed how HBGarry aimed to act against WikiLeaks and how Hunton & Williams, the firm responsible for organizing the campaign against WikiLeaks, contacted HBGarry to target political organizations that were critical of the U.S Chamber of Commerce.

Donald Trump’s Website Hack (2015)

Donald Trump caught the attention of people all over the world when he said that he wanted all Muslims to be barred from entering the United States of America. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, he also caught the attention of Anonymous, who immediately taught him a lesson. The website of Trump Towers subsequently went down for more than an hour, with A twitter account related to Anonymous broke the news of the hack, and a YouTube video released shortly afterward contained a member asking Donald Trump to think twice before he speaks.

 WTO Hack (2015)

A hacker who was previously involved in hijacking two major Israeli arms dealers and leaking their client data claimed that he was with Anonymous after claiming to be the one behind the WTO hack in May 2015. The hacker hacked into WTO through their domain and leaked personal information of many WTO officials. Details like phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, etc. of over 2,100 WTO officials from USA, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and other nations was made public by this hacker belonging to Anonymous.

 ISIS Website Attack (2015)

Ghost Sec, a group related with Anonymous, took down a website that copied and shared ISIS propaganda and placed the message to Calm Down along with an ad. The ad was related to an online pharmacy that sold drugs like Viagra and Prozac, with the message saying that there was too much ISIS. The full message was Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all do desperately crave.” Although many ISIS-supporting websites have been moving to the dark web in order to evade the authorities, they have been unable to keep out Anonymous, for they have no jurisdiction.


Anonymous have been gaining international reputation ever since the Project Chanology attack of 2008. Their activities have been applauded by the common masses, for they act in public interest. The Guy Fawkes masks also work well with their popularity, for you can’t kill an idea.


25 Linux Commands and Tricks That Every Hacker Should Know 2017

Posted by Sufyan Hacker  |  at  10:06:00

1. Log Into a Linux Machine Without Knowing the Username or Password
If you come across a Linux machine that you need to gain access to but you don’t know the username or password, you can gain access by following these steps:
Restart the system and press ‘e’ or F2 to enter GRUB menu. Choose ‘ROOT’ in the options. In the command line that appears, type ‘tail /etc/passwd’ and locate the username in the text that appears. Now that you have that username, type ‘passwd USERNAME’ and enter a new password. Once finished, type EXIT, select OK to exit recovery mode, and then login with the username and new password.

2. Combining TXT files
If you have two text files with lines that are identified as below, you can join them with the following three commands. Be sure the lines match, however, and put them in the order you want the files combined.
$ cat animals.txt
100 Dogs
200 Cats
300 Lions
$ cat actions.txt
100 bark
200 meow
300 roar
$ join animals.txt actions.txt
100 Dogs bark
200 Cats meow
300 Lions roar
3. Check Out How Many Hours a Computer Has Been On
Find a system’s up-time with this piece of code. The numbers given will be listed as hours. So, for example, if it says 9.32, the system has been up for 9 hours and 32 minutes.
$ ac –d

4. View All Running Processes
Linux doesn’t have a task manager like you find in Windows. While you can download various types online, the best way to view the current running processes on your system is to open the terminal and run:
$ ps aux | more
5. Check On Total Disc Space Usage of A Directory+ Its Subs
If you’re low on disc space and you want to find out which of your directories are taking up the most space, then you can use the following command. Replace the home symbol ( ~ ) with whatever directory you want to check. For example, du -sh /etc.
# du -sh ~
6. View Active Network Connections with PID
Take a peek to see what connections are currently active on the network with this handy command.
# netstat -tap
7. Find All Files on a System Larger than X MB/GB

Say you just downloaded a 1GB+ ISO onto your system, you know it is around somewhere, but you just can’t figure out where it was saved. This little bit of code is a nifty solution for locating the file.
# find / -type f -size +1000M
8. Locate and Identify Recently Altered Files
Do you want a nice list of files that have recently been altered on any given system? If so, enter this tidbit into the terminal:
# find . –mtime -2
9. Find a Past Date
Say you need to find out rather quickly what the date was 49 days ago. To find out, type:
$ date –date=’49 days ago’
10. Find a Future Date
In the same vein as the previous example, say you need to find out what the date will be in 49. To find that out, type:
$ date –date=’3 seconds’
Note that it’s the same as the last bit, only without the word ‘ago’ added.
11. Locate Files with Specific Words in the Name

If you need to find a file on a system that has a specific name, such as ‘passwords’ or ‘taxes’, then you can search a directory with the following code:
# find ~ -name “*passwords*”
12. View Processes Run By Different Users
If you want to see what processes are running for different users that the one logged in, run this:
$ ps U oracle
13. View Items Inside Compressed (Archive) Folder
Have you ever downloaded an archive, only to discover junk inside it? The following command will reveal what is inside a zip folder before you open it.
# unzip -l
14: Eject Removable Media
Where it’s an iPod or an SD card, you can eject onboard media by simply typing:
15: Save the Active Window as a JPEG

If you need to save the active window on your desktop as a JPEG but don’t want to download any special software or use PrntScrn and a photo editor, use this command:
import -window root MyTest.jpg
16: Bump User Off Network
Whether they’re doing something that is going to contaminate the network, they’re hogging resources, or you simply don’t like them, you can log a user off their computer with this handy piece of code:
skill -kill -u username
17. Block a Computer’s Access to Specific Websites
Say you’re running a business that uses Linux machines, you notice that your employees are spending a ridiculous amount of time checking the weather. You can block their ability to access those sites by opening /etc/hosts with your text editor (sudo gedit /etc/hosts) and adding:
18. Schedule Midnight Downloads
This code is incredibly handy; it allows you to schedule the time for a download to happen–say, at 3PM while you’re at work or midnight while you’re sleeping.
echo ‘wget’ | at 012:00
19. Using the Terminal As Root
Using the Terminal as root is sort of like right-clicking on an application in Vista and choosing ‘run as Administrator’. It gives you the ability to do things you otherwise couldn’t do (namely, run dangerous code). To use the terminal as root, type:
sudo su
20. Disabling Password Prompt When Using Sudo

Whenever you use the ‘sudo’ command in Linux, you’re prompted to enter the user password before the command will go through. This gets annoying. The solution? Disable it. To do so, use the Terminal and type:
gedit sudo visudo
scroll down to the line that says: username ALL=(ALL) ALL
and change it to say: username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
21. Change the Default Conky
If you’re using a distro that includes Conky by default, such as Crunchbang, you might wander how you can edit its settings. To do this, enter this in the Terminal:
sudo gedit ~/.conkyrc
Of course, replace ‘gedit’ with the text editor of your choice, and sudo is Ubuntu specific.
22. Put a LiveCD on a USB
Say there’s a machine you want to gain access to and copy files from, but you don’t have access to the computer’s login info. You can gain access with it using a LiveCD. The easiest way to do this is by using a USB thumb drive. You can do this by downloading a liveCD iso and then downloading UNETbootin.
Plug in your USB drive, run UNETbootin, and install the ISO with that.
23. Safely Restart Linux
Lets say you’re duped into running a fork bomb, or you download a file that promises to be one thing, only to turn out to be a massive tarbomb. How do you safely restart the frozen system? By doing the following:
Press ALT + PrntScrn and then, while holding those, type the following letters in order: REISUB.
24. View All Files (Including the Hidden Ones)
If you need to view all the files within whatever directory you’re in, including ones that are hidden, use the following bit of code:
ls -al
25: A Bonus Tip:
Never run the following:
:() { :|:& };:

…there’s something about it that begs to be run; doing so, however, will initiate a forkbomb, which will cause your system to freeze.



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