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India: You can face upto five years in Jail for ‘Liking’ posts on Facebook

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India: It Looks exotic to see or read that you can face sentencing in Jail upon liking a Facebook post, but something like this happening in INDIA (Mumbai.)
In an attempt to contain protests over objectionable posts on a social networking site about Chhatrapati ShivajiDr Babasaheb Ambedkar and the late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, the Maharashtra police have decided to take action even against those who ‘like’ the controversial posts, TOI reported.

Those posts will be booked under the Information Technology Act and under
 the Code of Criminal Procedure, police said.The persons’ name given above come from famous persons and history of Indian Politics, and those Facebook users who like controversial posts about them could face upto  five years in Jail.

Catching the Fakers:

Police is tracing Internet Protocol (I.P) Address of the person (Anonymous) who posted the hated material, but something that is irritating the Police is—using the Proxy Server by the person.
Cases against unidentified persons have been filed in Mumbai, Nerul, Pune, Nashik, Yeola, Aurangabad, Satara and Sangli. Cops have also applied Section 295A IPC which deals with deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings, TOI writes.
“Three different pages about these objectionable posts were created on Facebook. We have blocked all of them. Police are also taking help from the computer emergency response team (CERT). Besides, a letter has been sent to Facebook to furnish details about the persons who created the pages,” said Deven Bharti, inspector general of police (law and order).
It should be a step ahead of stopping these Fakers and Haters on Facebook, but still it is also harassing our rights of Freedom of Internet.
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SOURCE: TOI | Wikipedia
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