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List of Damage under #OpWorldCup and Anonymous’ target List of Sponsors

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Anonymous Brazil
It is already in the news that Anonymous group of hackers mainly from Brazil and also from all over the world going to hit this season’s World Cup Sponsors with Cyber-Attacks.
Hackers dubbed this operation “#OpWorldCup,” you can also find many related tweets to the event throughsearching for the following Hash-tags: #tangodown#Anonymous#Brazil and #Worldcup.
You will find the answer HERE, if you are thinking why hackers are attacking the Brazil World Cup 2014.
We also have seen many Tangodown related to the event, in which Anonymous took down Brazil govt. websites through DDoS Attacks:
View image on Twitter
Today, ehackingnews also reported some of the Brazil govt. websites hacked under the same operation #OpWorlcup by “DK Brazil Hackteam & An0nнat,” Both groups too come from Anonymous family.

Websites hacked by the groups:

  • www.saobento.ma.gov.br (Hacked and Defaced at the time of Writing)
  • barro.ce.gov.br (Recoevered)
  • http://www.novaluzitania.sp.gov.br/ (Recovered)
  • http://indaial.sc.gov.br/ (Down)
  • http://igarapedomeio.ma.gov.br/ (Recovered)
  • http://procon.sp.gov.br/ (Down)
We also saw a poster online regarding the possible list of Sponsors would be targeted in World Cup:
Anonymous target List of 2014 WOrldcup sponsors
SOURCE: CyberWarZone

Names we able to Identify from the Image:

  • Adidas
  • Budweiser
  • Castrol
  • Coca cola
  • Continental
  • Emirates
  • Fifa.com
  • Football for Hope
  • Garoto
  • Hyundai
  • Itau
  • Johnson Johnson
  • Liberty
  • McDonald
  • Moy Park
  • Sony
  • Visa
  • Waseup
  • Yingli
We are trying to contact with Hackers and will update more info as we get. We will also update the same post with latest websites hacked, down or defaced under #OpWorldcup. As we have collected many hacking operations Damage List, we are going to update this event too :) Stay Tuned and don’t forget to follow us.

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