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Open Blocked Sites Without Any Software

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You might have used Hotspot Shield,Spotflux etc For Opening blocked sites today i will tell you how to open blocked sites without using any software.
To open blocked site you need to establish a VPN connection between your computer and a VPN Server.
There are many free VPN connection providers on the internet,select them on the basis of their bandwidth.
To establish a connection we only need their
  • Internet Address
  • Name
  • Password
    In this tutorial we will use as a VPN Server Now Lets start.
      • First Of all open Control panel > Network And Sharing Center
      • Now select Setup a new connection or network>Connect to a work place>VPN

      •  Now give User name And Password and click on create and then close it.
        Now you have created VPN Connection in order to connect to VPN server 
        • Click on network icon on your task bar and connect to the server 

        • It will prompt you for password give the password and click on connect 

        • It will prompt you for password give the password and click on connect 

        • I have used as VPN Server in this tutorial You can use other VPN Servers On Internet like 
        US Server Host:
          VPN Username:
            VPN Password: freevpn
              UK Server Host:
                VPN Username: VPN
                  Password: freevpn
                    US VPN Hostname:
                      US VPN Username:
                        US VPN Password: 1025
                          UK VPN Hostname:
                            UK VPN Username:
                              UK VPN Password: 1570

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