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All Types Of Hackers. Ethical Hacking in 2017

Today we will know about real Ethical Hacking techniques and types of ethical hackers guys. In nowadays the demand for computer and smartphone has been increased, without these tech things we can’t do anything. If you are running a business or company or working in a bank, everywhere computers are needed to do work. The ethical hacking is related to the tech devices. The computer is a device which does operate in seconds. At the same times, hackers are using their ethical hacking skills to hack our computer which I have described below.
Have you hear about Cyber crime or not? If you don’t know about the Cyber crime, let me tell you It is a crime in which Hackers steal the information of other people’s computers using their computers. After taking the information of victim‘s they blackmailed them for money. There are lots of organizations which pay for their files and data to hackers.
The crime in computer’s world is increasing day by day. So, Now companies need to secure their files and records for their future. Now it’s become the meager question weather the Ethical hacking is legal or illegal.

What is Ethical Hacking in 2017?

Ethical hacking means to find a weakness of computer and access the information of that computer through this weakness. Hacking can be done by a professional hackers, who have a great knowledge about computers. You can also imagine from the word “Hacking” that it is illegal activity. By doing hacking anyone can be put into the risk. But every time hacking is not a bad thing cause some time it is used for a better reason. Some hackers are good or some are bad. let’s discuss about the types of hackers.

Types of Hacker

Basically there are three types of hackers. In which the two hackers are bad and other one is good type hacker. The three types of hackers are White hat hackers, black hat hackers and grey hat hackers. Let’s discuss the type of hackers.
#1. Back Hat Hacker
The black hat hackers are those hacker who don’t need any permission to hack computers. They just get access into your computer and steal the data like Bank details and personal account detail. Black Hat hackers are very bad and increase a risk of Cyber crime.
#2. White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hackers are those hackers which are only hack computers for testing the security and make it more better. White Hat Hacker hacks computers after the permission of that person they want to hack. They made the security very powerful. White Hat Hackers are called Ethical Hacker guy’s.
#3. Grey Hat Hackers
Grey Hat Hacker are those who don’t effect the data of others. They only hack the system to learn hacking or for their fun guys. They also don’t take any permission from the victim’s. They are not White hat hacker cause they don’t take permission or also not a Black hat cause they don’t effect anyone.

Is Ethical Hacking Legal or Illegal?

If you know about the hackers type then you absolutely know that Ethical Hacking is legal cause in Ethical Hacking the every step taken by hacker is on the permission of victim’s. Ethical Hacker use there hacking tricks only on those who have given permission to them. Ethical hackers follow the rules to hack computers. So, you don’t need to be worry about Ethical Hacking skills.
If you want to be ethical hacker and don’t know where to start then like and follow us. In a short time you will learn some easy hacking method guys. If you have any question related to hacking then ask in the comment box.
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