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Over 70% of Washington DC's CCTV Were Hacked Before Trump Inauguration 2017

Just days before the inauguration of President Donald Trump, cyber criminals infected 70 percent of storage devices that record data from feds surveillance cameras in Washington D.C. in a cyber attack.

Any guess, What kind of virus could have hit the storage devices?

Once again, the culprit is Ransomware, which has become a noxious game of Hackers to get paid effortlessly.

Ransomware is an infamous piece of malware that has been known for locking up computer files and then demanding a ransom in Bitcoins in order to help victims unlock their files.

But over time, the threat has changed its way from computers and smartphones to Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices.

Ransomware Infected 70% Surveillance Cameras in Washington D.C.

This time the hackers managed to plant ransomware in 123 of its 187 network video recorders, each controlling up to four CCTVs used in public spaces throughout Washington D.C, which eventually left them out from recording anything between 12 and 15 January.

Officials told the Washington Post that the incident forced them to take the storage devices offline, remove the infection and rebooted the systems across the city, but did not fulfill any ransom demands by the hackers.

While the storage devices were successfully put back to rights and the CCTV cameras were back to work, it is still unclear if any valuable data was lost or if the ransomware infection merely crippled the affected computer network devices.
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