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How I Get 250,000 People On My Blog In 1 Week 2017

Getting a traffic on your blog is not a easy task. It needs proper concentration on your blog and time with hard working. Blogging regularly attracts the visitors to make visible on your site. There are the many killing ways to get more traffic.

Submit Sitemap To Google:

Basically, sitemap is the sum of your urls of your articles. By generating sitemap, you can get more traffic on your site. Once you generate a sitemap, and submitted to google you can get more people on your site and you site will be more visible on search engines.

Generating a Sitemap:

You can generate sitemap of your blog by clicking to this link http://ctrlq.org/blogger/. Once you create it, go to  https://www.google.com/webmasters and sign up. Click add your site and enter the link of your site. Copy your sitemap code and go to blogger.com>setting> search preference>robot.txt and paste your code and save.

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Then go to google webmaters tools and click on add sitemap. Copy the link of your sitemap and paste on the webmasters tool's sitemap section as:

Submit your sitemap and in 2-3 days you will be getting traffic from google when it is approved by google.

Use Killling Keywords For Title:

 The use of killing keywords attracts the visitors to visit your site. You can use Google Keywords Planner or some other site by just googling keyword planner on google. The screen shots are form Google Adwords. You don't need to pay or advertize. 

Comment On Other Blogs:

 Feel free to post good comment on other similar field related blogs.This will help to gain more traffic when you comment on other blogs.

Always Respone To Feedback :

Give attention to your visitors by replying to their comments. always use "You" rather than "Me". This will help to gain more traffic and will attract the visitors.


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