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Top 3 Secret Android Apps Of All Time Not On The Playstore 2017

Hello Guys! How are you today? I hope you will be fine. Today, i am going to share something different.That is, Secret Android Apps of All Time that are not on the Playstore. I suggest you to read the article till end if you like my work.
Nowadays, android have overcome Symbian and Windows mobiles. Calculations said that after a couple of years, Android will overcome Apple and Windows. About 90% users uses Android smartphones rather than Apple and Symbians.

Secret Android Apps:

The list of secret android apps has been given below: 


  This App is is on the top of my list. You will never find FileChef on the play store because of some reason. This app is not authorized by Google Playstore so they don't allow to publish their app to PlayStore. By using this app, you can download your favourite movies, songs, games, softwares, gifs,tv shows and much more in just one click. You need to install this and search any thing you want to download on your android phone. The screenshots will clear idea.

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  ACMARKET is just like Google Play Store. But, there are many apps on the play store that are not free. You need to pay for many your favourite apps. This app provides you free paid apps. You are going to enjoy this great app. Now, you don't need to pay for paid games, softwares etc. 

                                         Download Now!


 By using this app,you can easily download HD videos, music from Youtube, Instagram, DailyMotion and other video sites. This is the best app for downloading high quality videos, music rather than any other apps that are lying in the app market. I suggest you to download this and take advantage of this great app.

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