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Block Any Website without using any software

How To Block Any Website without using any software

Most of people use many software for blocking different websiteswhich also decrease computer speed. One of the basic step toincrease your computer speed is that to do not install many software in your computer because it will decrease your running applications and also decrease your space in your hard drive . So i always try to share those tips and tricks which does not need to install any software.
there are many software in market which are used to block some sites but i am sharing a tips here. Use this tips to block your websites

Follow these simple steps.

1. Click on  start and then go to run
2. Then write there "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc" without inverted commas you can also go there by opening My Computer then C drive> windows> system32> drivers> etc.
3. In this folder you can see a file with name "Host"
4. Open this file in notepad
5. Go down in this file you will see "" local host or you may find this by pressing ctrl+f
6. Now do the final step just add the web site you want to block below the
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