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How to Earn Money at Home in Pakistan without Investment

How to Earn Money at Home in Pakistan without Investment

How to Earn Money at Home in Pakistan without Investment
There are many Ways to Earn Money at home without any investment but in this post, I will tell you how to earn money at home from Google AdSense in Pakistan. Since, Google AdSense is US based web-related business program that is why it is hard to believe for some people to earn from AdSense. But it has been verified and I myself have earned a mammoth amount so far and still working for the same root here. See the screenshot of my AdSense issued payment.

How to Earn Money at Home in Pakistan

  • Earn at Home Using Google AdSense in Pakistan

Let’s start digging the point. First of all you need to decide a topic that you could present in front of your targeted traffic on website/blog web pages. You will be writing articles about the topic and it would be also better to share some of that in videos form. Pictures –screenshots- could be the best way to beautify your articles with them.
To avoid investment, start work on some free blog services. You may choose Blogger.com and could save your money. Once you earn a good amount, you may prepare some investment for better income. Before starting work on your site, you must decide which topic you are going to display on your pages. According to the topic, work on your site and build good traffic. Do not try to include multiple topics. Make a single topic site which is called Niche Sites. You can easily work on your selected keywords and could Earn At Home With No Investment.
Remember, Keywords according to SEO, plays a great role. If you maintain a very Good Keyword research, you will easily attract a good traffic towards your sits. The knowledge of Keywords is a key factor of SEO, which I will discuss with my friends here. You can have Video Tutorials as well about SEO.

How to Get Google AdSense Account in Pakistan – Facts Discovered

Remember you will see many bloggers in Pakistan crying loudly and criticizing Google AdSense for its policies. The fact is that policy is the same for every country but the bloggers here in our country are being brought under penalty for doing spamming, Stolen materials, copied materials, duplicate materials and other forbidden materials are being uploaded and thus the wrath happens on such web pages.

So do not think that Google would punish you for no-reason. In this post I will tell you some techniques to achieve your target and could manage earning at home via internet doing no investment. 
  •     First of all choose a very good service. If you are going to work on a website, then try so buy a very good, reliable and faster hosting service. I suggest you to buy it from iPage.com. Remember Google always asks you to facilitate your viewers. So the opening speed of your pages must be faster.
  •     Choose a good topic to discuss with your viewers. Thus you need to establish SEO friendly web pages. In this way, you will be able to attract a mammoth traffic towards your web pages. Your pages must be viewers friendly and there should be useful and related contents on your pages. Thus your viewers would like to stay on your pages and Google does notice it.
  •     Check out the template – layout- of your site. Your template must be SEO friendly. Use anchor text and navigation technique so your viewers could easily navigate your site. Do not try to steal data or repeat your points. Try to win the hearts of your viewers.
  •     Once you have built an SEO friendly site, wait for 4 to 6 months and keep working on it. Do not ask to get revenue sharing AdSense account. That cannot get you benefited. Try yourself. There must be at least 300 unique visitors on your site. Before 2 to 3 years, getting AdSense account was a simple task. Now, it takes time as we know that people sell out AdSense accounts in our country which is inappropriate and illegal.
  •     Try to have 25 to 20 webpages (posts) on your site so you could display unique contents and thus Google AdSense team would surely consider you.
  •     You must have About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy pages on your site at the time of applying to account. They really want you closer to your viewers. Make them as early as possible.
I hope these point could help you get AdSense and Earn Money at Home in Pakistan. I will love to share more points as soon as I come to know about them. But till now, these points could help you dig your goal.
Peace Up Buddies!
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