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Paste Blank Status On Facebook

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       Today i will show you simple Facebook Trick how to publish single line or multiple line blank status on facebook. You can also use this method in facebook comments. So lets get started.

For single line Blank Status

  • Copy below codes into your status
@[0:0: ]
  • Note:- the text is like @[0:0:space]
  • Don't write space where i have written space rather press spacebar.

For MultiLine Blank Status :

  • Paste as shown below in your status.
    @[0:0: ]
    @[0:0: ]
    @[0:0: ]
    @[0:0: ]
    @[0:0: ]
    @[0:0: ]
    • Note there is space after 0:

    Another method

    • Paste below codes into facebook status
    @[2:2: ]

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