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Wifi HACK !! WEP CRACKING Using Backtrack 5

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This is very helpful tutorial on Wep Cracking. I have used the tool “fern-wifi-cracker” which can be easily available upon backtrack 5 R3.
WEP CRACKING Using Backtrack 5 :: If you aren’t familiar with Backtrack then here is the Easy Tutorial ofBackTrack. So lets start !!!!

Step 1: 

  • Go to backtrack >> exploitation tools >> wireless exploitation tools >> WLAN exploitation >> fern-wifi cracker

Step 2:

  • Select wireless interface you got, For example: wlan0, wlan1 etc.

Step 3: 

  • Find a button on which you may see wifi logo, click that and it will start this network scanning ( of-course it is using airodump here).
  • When you double-click anywhere from the tool, you’ll obtain a “settings” dialog pack.
  • You can established the channel there so you can start this xterm.

Step 4: 

  • You’ll figure out that the 2 buttons below the scan button will get enabled.
  • 1st button is the WEP cracking button and the 2nd one is for WPA cracking.
  • Click the button for WEP cracking.

Step 5: 

  • A new dialog box will open after clicking that button.
  • You are able to select the wep network in the list and then you can definitely select the type of attack i. earp replay attackchop-chop attack or maybe fragmentation attack. After that click “Attack“.

Step 6: 

  • You can see that the quantity of ivs are increasing. There is a progress bar at the end of the dialog box. When the advance bar reaches the tip, this tool starts off aircrack for cracking wifi password.

Step 7: 

  • When password is Cracked, it will be shown at the bottom of the dialog box.
    (before going more, i suggest you to definitely connect to the web for this)
  • Go to “toolbox” >> Geolocator tracker.
  • Give BSSID of the AP in text box & click “Trace“.

Step 8: 

  • It will show the location of AP on Google Map !!!
  • Coordinates are also being shown.
  • You can also see a button  for cookie hijacking called “cookie hijacker” in the toolbox: 
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